British Demolition Awards
Demolition Innovation of the Year

Demolition Innovation of the Year

Following a nine-month fire at a recycling and composting plant, Sanctus introduced innovative surveying and firefighting techniques to extinguish the fire and assess the damage to the building at minimal risk to its workers and the wider public.

The fire was fuelled by the compost on-site, making it very resilient and posing a significant challenge to putting the fire out. To remove the fuel from the fire, Sanctus used a remotely controlled Brokk excavator, spreading the compost over the floor of the facility to allow cooling and prevent reignition. Rapidly extinguishing the fire within two days saved further waste of money, time and resources.

The use of drones to survey the site and assess the damage to the cement bonded asbestos roof enabled Sanctus to establish that it was severely damaged and posed a high risk of collapse. As such, the judges could see that Sanctus’ procedures had clear health and safety benefits as well as ultimately saving money,

The use of remotely controlled plant and drones has widespread potential application across the industry and the creative use of such techniques stands to be of great benefit to the entire sector.