British Demolition Awards
Environmental Innovation of the Year

Environmental Innovation of the Year

Scudder Demolition’s submission was based on its role in aggregate and soil engineering at the former Ford Dagenham site. As such, this was a large site, in use over many years with a variation of buildings and contaminations.

The application clearly demonstrated to judges how Scudder had used a comprehensively planned bespoke process to deal with the multiple contaminants such as hydrocarbons, metals and asbestos, as well as negotiating deep basements and buried obstructions.

Conducting operations such as soil engineering on-site reduced the number of vehicles required, thus lessening pollution and congestion on the roads. Bringing in 90 per cent of required landfill from other Carey Group London sites and reusing aggregates from the Dagenham site elsewhere also made efficient use of resources.

The use of these innovative techniques reduced energy consumption, waste and carbon footprint through methods such as real-time, on-site processing and monitoring and comprehensive decontamination.

Having undertaken numerous innovative processes on the Dagenham site, judges were convinced that they could be replicated elsewhere within the Carey Group and elsewhere in the industry.