British Demolition Awards
Safety Innovation of the Year

Safety Innovation of the Year

Fire is the greatest and most universal of all threats to safety on demolition and construction sites, with its potential to comprehensively destroy equipment, resources, the site itself and most importantly, endanger life. Any fire suppression system that is both innovative and effective amply meets the criteria of universal applicability and critical health and safety benefits.

Fireward has developed an automatic, pneumatically operated fire suppression system with a fixed nozzle setup, using its patented CTX Indirect valve technology. Heat sensitive detection tubing automatically detects fire and actuates the dual agent system, designed to combat class A, B and C fires – involving solids, flammable liquids and gases.

Judges recognised that the innovative combination of dry powder and wet chemical agents provides a holistic solution to fire, delivering rapid knockdown and coverage as well as cooling surfaces and preventing reignition.

The Dual Agent Fire Suppression system has been independently proven by RISE – the Research Institutes of Sweden. RISE tests show that Fireward’s system successfully passed all of the agency’s SPCR 199 tests, scoring 10/10 for 4kg, 6kg and 9kg configurations.

The judges believe Fireward’s Dual Agent Fire Suppression system makes a worthy winner due to its verified potential to save life, prevent loss or damage to resources and thereby reduce costs across the demolition and construction industry.