British Demolition Awards
Tender Submission of the Year

Tender Submission of the Year

Downwell Group tendered for the demolition of a number of high and low-rise buildings on Arthur Street, Erith, prior to redevelopment into 320 modern homes. The company’s pitch showed a clear order of works showing an understanding of the needs on site and with regards to neighbouring areas. In this respect, Downwell took into account the sequence suggested to them and brought their own expertise to the table.

Downwell demonstrated a clear understanding of the risk factors involved and how to mitigate them. One of the factors in this case was asbestos and the company had a clear plan from the start.

With a new Super High Reach, Downwell was able to demolish the towers without the need for platforms.

In summary, Downwell had a comprehensive plan in place regarding the logistics, methodology and risks involved and it was this that gave its tender the edge.