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Entering the 2023 Awards

Where relevant, entries should cover demolition/asbestos removal commenced after 2 September 2022.


What to include:

Well, we are not asking for War and Peace, however you should provide enough information for our judges to differentiate you from the competition – just don’t send them to sleep with the minutiae of every last detail of the project.


Tell us what you think makes you worthy of winning your chosen award categories.

The judging is entirely independent from the British Demolition Awards, British Asbestos Awards, Demolition Hub, Asbestos Hub or anyone employed by Global News Media Ltd.

  • Statement (maximum 1,000 words) of the key reasons you should be considered for the award,

  • Supporting images/videos,

  • Deadline for entries is 10 August 2023.

You are entering the
British Demolition Awards and
British Asbestos Awards 2023
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