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The first British Demolition Awards was held in the summer of 2018, but it was some two years earlier that the idea of an independent celebration of all things British demolition was conceived. Ben Chambers and his team devised exactly what the British demolition industry needed to showcase what it does best.


We have now successfully run five events and barring the pandemic year of 2020, have been ever present as the premium event on the UK demolition social calendar and will be returning to London this year.


We shall be once again expanding the British Asbestos Awards, after its debut in 2022 with a NEW award for 2024.

Demolition Hub is the power behind the awards.

Our sister magazine Demolition Hub began life in 2020 and is the world’s only bimonthly demolition industry magazine.

Sent out to over 40 countries and 5,000 named individuals and companies as well as almost every UK based demolition contractor.

We are media partner to the European Demolition Association as well as the National Demolition Association in the United States and we work in conjunction with many other regional federations to get their members the very best exposure.

Our mantra from day one has been pro-demolition and we champion both the suppliers to the industry as well as the small and huge projects the talented contractors complete.


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 +44 (0)1903 952 640

The hugely popular Asbestos Hub is the world’s only independent asbestos abatement and removal industry magazine.

Working alongside the United Kingdom Asbestos Training Association as a media partner, we go out to all its members and almost every asbestos contractor in the UK four times a year.

Publication: March, June, September and December

Goal: To be the voice of the UK and global asbestos abatement industry, open to all.


#join us –

+44 (0)1903 952 640

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