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Class of 2023 TBA
Class of 2022 Inductees

William Crooks


Achieved whilst ending his office as President of the National Federation of Demolition Contractors and Managing Director of Cawarden Co Ltd

Inducted into the Demolition Hall of Fame at the British Demolition Awards 2022 for his tireless effort to promote British demolition in challenging and uncertain times as well as his unending charity work.

This was achieved during his presidency of the National Federation of Demolition Contractors and as Managing Director of Cawarden.

William Crooks
1 Mavis Nye_edited_edited.jpg

Mavis Nye BEM


President and Co-Founder of the
Mavis Nye Foundation

Awarded Asbestos Pioneer for her years of tireless campaigning for advancement in mesothelioma awareness, prevention and cure.

Mavis Nye is the President and co-founder of the Mavis Nye Foundation.

Demolition Hub created the Demolition Hall of Fame to celebrate that those who have made a massive impact in the world of demolition and related disciplines.

Launched in 2022 at the King Power Stadium, we honour select participants with a physical award and list them permanently in the Demolition Hall of Fame.

We began with two categories – Demolition Man/Woman and Asbestos Pioneer, awarded to William Crooks and Mavis Nye respectively.

In 2023 we add a further two categories to our Hall of Fame – Asbestos Company and Demolition Contractor.

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